Moonkey Laboratory

The R&D branch of Moonkey Corporation.

Today's strategy is to recycle e-waste, and refurbish surplus for resale in order to fund necessary lab equipment.

The project that will kick start Moonkey Laboratory is an electrolyte experiment. The plan is to create a water cylinder with axial electrodes and fill it with various ratios of manganese solution, then connect the electrodes to a Tektronix 576 curve tracer in order to find the I-V curve of the solution. This curve will be compared to a control of de-ionized water and various other electrolyte solutions in order to gain a better understanding of the properties of manganese.

  • Electrolyte Characterization

    Goal: To characterize the electrical properties of manganese solutions to gain inferences on the oxygen-evolving complex

  • Corrundum sysnthesis

    Goal: To grow corrundum spheres, and develop a way to introduce impurities into the lattice to achieve arbitrary filtering properties

  • Plants & Ants

    Goal: The lab's literal pet project. The objective is to create nitrogen cycle systems, like self contained tanin water generators

Alumina Production

Some lab resources will be invested in creating novel production methods for alumina components (e.g. terminal strips, contactors, and circuit boards for extreme conditions).