The long term goal for this branch of Moonkey Corp is to become a small research refinery which can produce custom alloys out of the e-waste we process for research. The excess materials will be sold upstream to the large refiners for cash flows to fund lab operations.

The short term goal is to purchase a granulation machine, and build a shaker table. Running these machines at capacity will generate the cash flow to hire employees.

We want your scrap! Request a pickup.

Scrap Removal

Moonkey Corp will responsibly remove your end of life assets to free up space in your facility for your future projects.

Materials We Process

  • Old Electronics
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Server Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • Wire & Cabling
  • Aluminum Cans

Lab Equipment

End of life test equipment will be brought to a home lab for testing and refurbishment, the majority of which will be transferred to Moonkey Laboratory as an asset.